May- June 2020

At Home in the Water

Yoni Matatyaou

At Home in the Water is inspired by intimate connectedness to the pacific ocean. Cool water and glints of sun that envelope the artist’s senses as he floats near the surface are memorized and then translated in the studio. Repetitions of shapes in carefully chosen peaceful colors balance in rhythmic harmony. These exquisite paintings abstractly embody the fresh salty air, gentle lull of the cool water, and centeredness as you wait for the perfect wave.
Yoni Matatyaou is a masterful painter with several extensive bodies of work. Besides his abstract work, Matatyaou creates and exhibits soul capturing portraiture, surf culture printmaking, and expressive landscapes. An active resident of the Oakland art scene, he has exhibited in Uptown during First Fridays in Oakland Art Murmur since 2013. This is his first solo show with Gallery at the Werkshack.
Christine Ferrouge, Curator

Float #3, Acrylic, collage, and silk on panel - 48 x 33"

Float #4, Oil and Acrylic on canvas, 51x35" 

BobbersAcrylic, collage, and silk on panel - 23x28.5"

Gathering, Acrylic Gouache and collage on panel,48 x 33"

These paintings serve as a reflection of time spent in the water. The ocean has always left me feeling refreshed and helps rid me of the anxiety and stress accumulated from the noise of city life. The work presented aims to capture the peace and calmness the time spent in the water has given me.

–Yoni Matatyaou, Artist