Radiant Landscape

October 23 - December 4

Jan Watten and Francis Baker

Radiant Landscapes joins the work of photographers Jan Watten and Francis Baker. The artists are both engaged with unique approaches to image-making using film and exploring nature. With light as their primary medium, the beauty of these tranquil observations express the importance of conservation and appreciation of life. Jan Watten uses a black and white medium format film camera to capture her contemplative and lyrical images. Francis Baker constructs exquisite photograms on gelatin silver paper using natural elements and single-use plastic gleaned from his surroundings. The ironic result is a cheery, delicious image. 
First Friday December 3
Closing Reception December 4
Francis Baker: Walking in the Anthropocene
Artist Statement:
Humans have had the greatest impact on our planet of any living animal, at any time. We are creating our own geological age, termed the Anthropocene. I am using single-use plastic as a photogram, creating flowers and landscapes much like our actions are creating weather patterns. This project begins with nature and our interaction with the environment. I am working with aesthetics and the photographic material to create an accessible point from which to view our destructive actions. Using single-use plastic gleaned from the surroundings, I make print-out photograms onto gelatin silver paper purchased though second-hand sites.