Installation and drawings

by Olivia A. Carter

March 6- April 11 2021

Another Dream Portal

A master of meaningful objects, Olivia A. Carter persistently constructs monuments to loved ones who live in her memory. Having lost precious mementos, and missed opportunities for final goodbyes, Carter is on a constant quest to recreate the feeling and presence of those persons. Fading memories can sometimes include convincing personal fiction and Carter embraces the invented narrative. In our hearts we piece together the missing person, the storyline, the ephemera… and perhaps fall into another dream portal.

Carter's installations consist of meaningful found objects, that once were possessed by someone now gone, as well as the artist's own drawings. Items such as scraps of paper, jewelry, picture frames, or fabric are physical manifestation and touchstones to the beloved. Stylistically rendered mountains and valleys of her childhood provide more clues amongst the adopted heirlooms.

Olivia A. Carter is an artist and craftswoman hailing from Fresno, California. Drawing from her personal history, and the mythologies she grew up reading, she explores the world through patterns and shapes, creating portals to various landscapes: real or imagined, but always safe and mysterious. Carter has a BFA in printmaking from California College of the Arts. In addition to her drawing and installation work, embroidery and bookmaking find their ways into her art practice as well. Carter has a small leatherwork business and a part time profession in stained glass conservation. Carter is a resident artist at the Werkshack in Oakland, California. This is her first solo show with Gallery at the Werkshack.