Mary Fassbinder

July - August 23 2020

Curated by Myrrhia

“As a painter, my main source of inspiration has always come form our earth,” says artist Mary Fassbinder. “It’s landscapes, rolling hills and oceans are what have and continue to inspire and teach me.”

With such an alluring motivation behind her, Mary sets out through every season with her easel and paints in tow—a practice known as “plein air” painting— challenging herself to capture even a glimpse of nature’s raw reflection and of those who inhabit it. “Painting en plein air continues to grounds me and humble me in my shortcomings as a human and an artist,” she notes, “yet it also awakens a yearning to connect with what I feel we have lost.”

Over the past several years, this yearning has prompted Mary to embark on an extraordinary project: painting scenes on location of all 60 National Parks in the U.S. within three plus years. This project, which she started in August 2014 and completed in June 2018.

Gallery at the Werkshack is pleased to present a selection of her recent work.

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