Paintings by Laura Hapka
September 9 - November 9

Collective Mustard and Charcoal, © Laura Hapka 2019

Hapka creates abstract paintings through the manipulation and layering of acrylic paint. Her work stretches the definition of painting using a novel, construction, deconstruction and reconstruction process.

Devaluation features paintings from Hapka’s recent Process, and Money-Chrome series.

The Process Series purposefully exposes the spreading opaque, bold, acrylic onto transparent, ethereal, encaustic that has been one step in the creation of all other work by Hapka. The simplicity and beauty of the paint is treasured for what it is.

The Money-Chrome Series consists of minimalist mixed media paintings made from deconstructed acrylic and shredded United States Currency. These highly textured paintings have remnants of metallic representing other currencies, such as gold and coins. The Money-Chrome paintings ask questions about the monetization of art and the tension between the cost of creation and value of art.

Unique in intention and complexity, the work of Laura Hapka is a byproduct of her life experiences and creative experimentation. The sum of the two portray her genuine appreciation for artistic process. Her practice and style has generated industry recognition and a fast-growing reputation.

Hapka established a deep connection to the land early on as she grew up on a potato farm in Northern Minnesota. Her relationship to design and nature is evident in the art she creates. Hapka lives and works in Oakland, California, and applies all three of her degrees in Environmental Design, Landscape Architecture, and Master of Business Administration to her artwork.

Opening Reception Friday October 4, 6-9pm

Curated by Christine Ferrouge
Associate curator Holly Bobisuthi