January 16 - February 27, 2020


Dulama LeGrande

Gallery at the Werkshack is pleased to present a new solo show: Invocation by Dulama LeGrande. Symbolic shapes and colors give matter to spirit, force, and energy in these bold paintings. Vai (West African Writing) and cowry shells appear as important touchstones throughout the series. These abstract paintings are powerful invocations and prayers.
Dulama LeGrande is a visual artist born and reared in the Bay Area with a current studio practice in Oakland, CA. He has been making art with professional intent for the past seventeen years and taught art for a total of thirteen consecutive years in the East Bay and San Francisco. When not in his studio, Dulama can be found attaining art lessons from the streets, nature, and life itself.

My works are prayers. Marks and strokes of paint serve as invocations.

–Dulama LeGrande