Meat Candy

David Burke

Fleshy pinks, candy reds, and iridescent green fat shimmer in these monumental ink drawings. Burke's work often explores the intersection between man-made and natural worlds. The specific inspiration for Meat Candy comes from a personal examination of our meat consumption and production. Like a contemporary twist on a cubist still-life, Burke abstracts and repeats his subject with masterful design that results in graceful, dynamic compositions. These powerful paintings are ironically both appealingly beautiful and grotesque.

Artist Reception

Saturday April 23


David Burke is an Oakland based painter and educator whose work has been exhibited his work both nationally and internationally. He is the art director for the Super Heroes Mural Project in West Oakland and co-founded the Autobody Bridge Program for emerging Bay Area artists. Most recently he was selected by Zero1 to be a part of the flagship American Arts Incubator program that sends artists abroad to collaborate with youth and underserved populations on community-based new media and mural art projects that bolster local economies, influence public policy, and further social innovation.

Game of Chicken, detail.

Pigs in a Poque, detail.